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Ravenanm Privacy Policy

Ravenanm collects information that allows us to provide you with our Services. This includes, for example, simple tasks like allowing other users to see the name and picture you choose to show. It also helps us to keep our Services clear of fraud and spam, and it allows us to get a unique understanding of what additional services may be useful to you, and all other purposes set out in this policy below.

All of Ravenanm’s core features are secured with end-to-end encryption: Ravenanm calls, one-on-one messages, group messages, private media sharing and secondary devices. This means that the encryption keys are stored only on the clients’ devices and no one may have access to them.

  1. By using our Services, you allow us to collect, use, disclose, and retain your personal information and other information but we will never read or listen to the content you are sharing privately. The information will be used as described in this Policy.
  2. By using the Service, you are also agreeing to our Terms of Use. Please make sure you read and agree with our Terms of Use if you want to use our Services.
  3. Ravenanm does not read or listens to the content of your messages and/or calls made privately via our Service and we do not store those messages once they have been delivered to their destination.
  4. Note that chats with bots and Public Accounts, and communities are not end-to-end encrypted, but we do encrypt such messages when sent to the Ravenanm servers and when sent from the Ravenanm servers to the third party (the Public Account owner and/or additional third party tool integrated by such owner).
  5. Registration and Account Information: When you use our various Services you voluntarily give us personal information (e.g., name, email, birth date, age, phone number and, when necessary, billing information) and you are not anonymous to us. That means your name and photo will be visible to other users. When installing you will be asked to allow Ravenanm to access your mobile device’s address book. A copy of the phone numbers and names of all your will be collected and stored on our servers in order for us to be able to enable you and your contacts to connect.
  6. Social Media Information: If you sign in to your Ravenanm account through third-party social media sites you agree to give us on-going access to your personal information on such sites (e.g., your public profile, friend list, accounts you follow or who follow you, your email address, birthday, work history, education history, interests, current city, and video viewing). We may receive certain information about you which is stored on social media sites if users of those sites give us access to their profiles and you are one of their friends or connections, depending upon your settings on those sites.
  7. Activity Information: While using our Services, we will collect, and other users can see, your connection status, whether you have received and seen messages sent to you, if you are currently on another call, and information related to the calls and messages you have sent and received such as length of the call, who called who, who messaged who, and at what time; if you do not want people to know that you’re online or that you’ve seen messages, you can change these options in your settings.
  8. Ravenanm will receive interaction information from your use of our Services. When you interact with Public Accounts, bots and Communities on our Service, we may obtain information about the messages you have liked, comments you have left and also websites you’ve viewed through links in them.
  9. We collect information about the value added services you are using over Ravenanm and/or apps you have downloaded through our Services. This includes whether you are presently online, your personal preferences and the way you use that service.
  10. The information we collect may be combined with information from outside records (e.g. demographic information and additional contact information) that we have received in accordance with the law.
  11. We collect additional information when you access our App through a certain device. We may also collect your WPS location data – you can choose whether to allow this by changing your geolocation tracking settings.
  12. We use your Registration and Account information to (i) register you for the App and create your User Account; (ii) create your profile and make it visible; (iii) process your payments; (iv) create your ID; (v) provide customer service, give you information about your account, and respond to your requests; (vi) personalize your experience by providing content on the Service, including targeted advertising; personalization may include automated decisions about what you will view and when, but be assure that it will not have legal effects on you  (vii) indicate which of your contacts is already a member and notify you when your contacts become active on the Service (viii) display the name of the contact as it appears in your address book when a call is received on the Service, and (ix) sync your contacts with running on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android tablets, iPads and Windows Tablets. If you deactivate your account, it will delete the address book from our servers, quickly and permanently. Otherwise, we keep your contact information for as long as you use the App so we can provide you all functions of the app.
  13. We use call log information and usage information to better understand network behavior and trends, detect potential outages and technical issues to improve our Services.
  14. As part of value added services provided by us or by a third party within Ravenanm, we may use your information to continuously optimize and personalize those services and send you personal updates about new offerings which we believe you will find relevant. We may share with our service providers unique identifiers to determine the best way to tell potential new users about our services. When you join Ravenanm, the contacts in your address book that are already members may be informed of your registration.
  15. Sending a message to a bot or Public Account, subscribing to a bot or Public Account will allow admins of that bot or Public Account to send you notifications and personal messages. If you do not wish to receive such notifications, you may adjust your account settings to decline them or opt-out at any time from receiving further notifications. You will be asked to allow the use of your location data before Ravenanm provides you specific location services offerings, and you may also adjust your phone preferences to disable the use of your location data at any time.
  16. We may use your Information like your name and phone number to process your payments for our Services through a secured third-party service provider and, on an aggregate basis to determine charges for our phone carriers and other service providers.
  17. We really want Ravenanm to be free of spam and fraudulent content. We may use your information to prevent, detect, and investigate fraud, security breaches, potentially prohibited or illegal activities, protect our trademarks and enforce our Terms of Use. This may include URLs included in messages, which were reported as SPAM by other users, or were otherwise suspected to be unsolicited and using your operating system authentication services. We may use automated decisions to close an account based on such data and other logic we have created for this, in order to protect other users and prevent recurring breaches. If your account has been blocked you can contact our support. We may use your information and call log information to comply with applicable laws.
  18. Ravenanm, we want to keep in touch with you. We use your information to contact you (via message or other means) to maintain the App, including your User Account, to comply with your stated communication preferences or to provide updates about other application services.
  19. Unless otherwise specified, we retain information as long as it is necessary and relevant for us to achieve the purposes referred to above or to enable us to comply with our legal data protection retention obligations. Upon deactivation of your account, we will minimize the personal data we keep about you only to such data which we are required to keep to comply with laws, or other legal reasons. We may keep activity data on a non-identifiable basis to improve our services. Your posts on public accounts and communities may remain available if you do not delete them.
  20. Disclosure- Ravenan, may share the information we collect about you, including our parent company, and its and our affiliates and subsidiaries. The information may be disclosed to: (i) provide joint content and our services (e.g., registration, coordination of membership accounts, transactions, analytics and customer support); (ii) help detect and prevent potentially illegal acts, violations of our policies, fraud and/or data security breaches. The information provided in your registration, will be shared with Ravenanm group to create an account and/or to link.
  21. We may disclose your information to service providers and other third-parties under contract who help with providing you and others our Services on our behalf or other services provided by third-parties via our Services (such as, but not limited to, fraud and spam investigations, payment processing, site analytics and operations, providing special partnership features in our service– either on an aggregate non identifiable basis, or using a unique identifier which is not attributable to you). They are required to secure the data they receive.
  22. To enable the limited advertisements on our service, we may share a unique advertising identifier that is not attributable to you, with our third party advertising partners, and advertising service providers, along with certain technical data about you (your language preference, country, city, and  device data), based on our legitimate interest. This includes partners managing our advertising placements and also advertisers themselves and their agencies or third parties managing their advertising demands. Your unique advertising identifier is created by your mobile device’s operating system and you can change it or choose not to share it at any time.
  23. We may disclose your information to law enforcement, governmental agencies, or authorized third-parties, in response to a verified request relating to terror acts, criminal investigations or alleged illegal activity or any other activity that may expose us, you, or any other user to legal liability.
  24. We may share your information with another business entity, if we plan to merge with or be acquired by that business, or are involved in a transaction with similar financial effect. In such a situation we would make reasonable efforts to request that the new combined entity or other structure follow this Policy with respect to your personal information. If your personal information was intended to be used differently, we would ask the new entity to provide you with prior notice.
  25. Some of our Services allow you to share information with others on a public basis. If you post information on a public feature of our Services or through social media sites, plug-ins or other applications, do not forget this information is public on our Services and, depending upon your privacy settings, may also become public on the Internet. When you post on Communities, the admin of the Community has the ability to allow everybody to access it, but you can always actively delete messages you posted. We cannot prevent or control further use of this information. We may also further use such public information you share, for various reasons, such as improving our service and providing you with relevant content, and analyzing trends.
  26. As a registered member, you can review and change personal information at any time by accessing your account on the App or contacting our support. Please be sure to update your personal information promptly if it changes or becomes inaccurate. We may retain some information from closed accounts so that we can comply with law, prevent fraud, assist with investigations, resolve disputes, analyze, or troubleshoot programs, enforce our Terms of Use, or take other actions permitted by law. Likewise, if your account or membership is terminated or suspended, we may maintain some information to prevent you from re-registering.
  27. EU Privacy Rights – If you use our services from the EU, you have certain rights regarding your personal information, subject to local law. These include the following rights to: access your personal information, rectify the information we hold about you, erase your personal information, restrict our use of your personal information, object to our use of your personal information, receive your personal information in a usable electronic format and transmit it to a third party (right to data portability), lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority.
  28. Ravenanm may obtain your consent to collect and use certain types of personal information when we are required to do so by. If we ask for your consent to process your personal information, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us using the details at the end of this privacy notice or by changing your setting within the app. We encourage you to contact us to update or correct your information if it changes or if the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate. Ravneanm is the controller of data we collect and process according to this privacy policy.
  29. Our application may contain links to other third-party websites or you may access Apps from a third- party site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these third-party sites.
  30. We know that security is important to our users and we care about the security of your information. We maintain technical, physical, and administrative security measures to protect the security of your personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration. Some of the safeguards we use include firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls to our data centers and information access authorization controls. We need your help too: it is your responsibility to make sure that your personal information is accurate and that your password(s) and account registration information are secure and not shared with third-parties.
  31. Our Services are not intended for children under the age of 13. Therefore we do not knowingly collect personal information via our websites, applications, services, or tools from anyone under 13. In the EU, certain default privacy settings will be applied to users under the age of 16 and can only be changed if the legal guardian instructs so in writing.
  32. We operate internationally and provide our Services to our users worldwide allowing them to communicate with each other across the globe. That means that your personal information may need to be processed in countries where data protection and privacy regulations may not offer the same level of protection as in your home country. We may store and process your personal information on our computers and use service providers that may be located in various locations outside of the European Union (EU). We have put in place appropriate safeguards (such as contractual commitments) in accordance with applicable legal requirements to ensure that your data is adequately protected.
  33. From time to time, as our services evolve, we may update this Policy. You agree that we may notify you about material changes in the way we treat personal information by placing a notice on the App. Please check the App frequently for updates.
  34. In the event you read this Privacy Policy in any language other than English, you agree that in the event of any discrepancies, the English version shall prevail.